What To Consider When Choosing A Cat Litter?

Being a pet cat owner doesn’t come cheap. From food to tidy cats breeze pads to games and grooming, when you factor in all the little things one can rack up a bill of more than thousand dollars in a month. Therefore, it is advised to make an informed decision before bringing a cat home. Click Here to know about the factors one should consider before buying or adopting a cat. This write-up will focus on the one element that cost the most when it comes to cats – cat litter.

On an average, a pet owner will spend more on cat litter than on food. This means most of us are tempted to opt for the cheapest option in the market. This action can backfire on you. The cheapest litter, like a clumping clay litter, might not be the best option for you or the cat. There are some points one should consider before choosing the final choice of cat litter.

• The number one reason cat litters sell is odor control. Therefore, the top priority should be to invest in a litter that can keep the smell of cat waste contained. Most cats will refuse to use a cat litter box if it has an uncontrolled odor. This doesn’t just apply to litter that is ineffective but also to artificially scented litters that have an overwhelming scent.
• One factor that should play an important role is the clumping capability of the litter. A litter that makes hard lumps when mixed with cat urine is very practical. The owner of the cat can scoop out the pieces to clean the litter box. Moreover, clumping litters can control odor more effectively than non-clumping ones. The harder the clumps they make, the more they are able to control the smell. Such litters also require minimal effort on your part. One just has to remove the clumps and add more litter to the box so much so that such litter can keep the place smelling clean for over 30 days.
• Find out if you are allergic to dust or not before you invest in a cat litter. Some cat litters produce a lot of dust especially clumping clay litter. This dust can not only act up your allergies but also create a mess at home when the cat tracks it around through their paws. Most natural litters are dust heavy, but there are certain new crystal litters that have a low dust component.
• The granule size of the litter should also be thought over before purchasing. In general, cats prefer finer grains because they are softer on their paws. On the other hand, humans prefer coarsely grained litter because they are easier to clean and do not get tracked around the home. If you have a kitten at home, then invest in a coarse cat litter because they tend to swallow finely grained litter.
Think over these points and then make the final decision before buying a cat litter. It is going to be a substantial investment, and one should not regret it.

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